If you are using Lenovo servers for your VMWARE infrastructure, you should consider following the below steps in BIOS:

a) System Settings – Devices and I/O Ports – PCI 64-BitResourceAllocation set to Disable

b) System Settings – Devices and I/O Ports -MMConfigBase set to 3GB

c) System Settings – Processors – Processors.C-States set to Disable

d) System Settings – Processors – Processors.C1EnhancedMode set to Disable

e) From Main Menu – Boot Manager – Boot Modes – Optimized Boot set to Disable

f) Save the new settings and ENSURE that server is restarted for the new UEFI changes to take effect

In case there are any problems completing the suggested UEFI changes, such as a UEFI parameter is “greyed-out” non-selectable, please do the below:

Select System Settings – Operating Modes and set it to “Custom Mode“, then proceed to UEFI changes.

Last modified: October 14, 2022



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